In this digital world, it is a necessity to learn how to use a computer. Learning how to use a computer helps you in getting a better job, connects you with your relatives abroad, makes your work efficient etc. Our computer tuition plan involves teaching a computer to homemaker, student, working professional looking for a better plan and also to businesses to work efficiently and not lose data.

With advancement in technology, jobs in the IT market have increased three-fold. Mechanical, electrical, civil engineers are also taking up IT jobs. Students from the computer & IT background are learning the latest languages to stay updated in their field to grab an onsite opportunity. We teach programming to students and working professionals to increase their chances of getting a job.

Mr. Dhairya Thanawala is a B.E. graduate in computer science and works as a software developer in Datamatics Global Services Ltd, Mumbai. With 2+ years of experience in IT industry, he has a good command over his programming skills and likes to teach students who are interested in learning programming.

Computer tuitions

Rates: Basic – ₹100/hour

            Advanced – ₹200/hour

Programming tuitions

Rates: Basic – ₹200/hour

           Advanced – ₹300/hour

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