Many times our parents force us to take up a field because they are not aware of any other field. Other times, we take up a field because our friends are taking up that field. Born and brought up in India, we are aware only of three fields viz. engineer, doctor, CA. We guide you with the different fields and their scope. We also understand your child to take up a field of your interest. Our counseling isn’t restricted to students but it extends to parents too.

Mr. Dhairya Thanawala is a B.E. graduate in computer science and has about three years of experience in IT industry.

“Choice decides what path we will be walking for the remaining time we have and making a choice scares us as we lack experience & guidance about things we are planning to do.”

Dhairya has read the industry and the fields available in the market using which he counsels students as well as parents to make the right career choice for themselves and for their children. The counseling doesn’t end by helping the student take the field but to see them excel in the field they have opted and that’s what Dhairya focuses on.

Dhairya is also a content blogger and shares knowledge through his writing. Do give his blog a visit by clicking here.

Rate: ₹250/session