Website Development

Are you planning to move your existing or new business on the internet? We can develop a website for your business so you can promote it to your customers and generate new customers. When you are our customer, we will not only develop a website for you but help you earn money through your website.…

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Mobile App Development

With smartphones & internet plans becoming affordable, business owners are expecting responsive websites which can be browsed by their customers using their smartphone, still, a few businesses require mobile apps. We will understand your business and guide you if a mobile app is required or a responsive website is enough to gain a customer. When…

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Digital Invitations/Posters

Do you have an event coming up? Do you need to invite people to your wedding, anniversary, birthday? People are most active on Whats App/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. This has led to inviting people through these digital mediums. We design invitations and posters for your upcoming wedding, anniversaries, birthdays or events.   Some of our work:     …

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Earn money online

Smartphones and the internet have become our need instead of our want. They have become an addition to food, clothing & shelter. Our services not only expand to businesses but also to students, working professionals and homemakers. We take sessions on “How to use your smartphone smartly” which guides you to earning money with your…

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Online product selling

Shopping while travelling, eating etc. have increased with advancement in technology. Returning the products, you ordered is also just a touch away. While you continue with your offline business, we move your business online.

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Computer/Programming tuitions

In this digital world, it is a necessity to learn how to use a computer. Learning how to use a computer helps you in getting a better job, connects you with your relatives abroad, makes your work efficient etc. Our computer tuition plan involves teaching a computer to homemaker, student, working professional looking for a…

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Laptop/Mobile consultation

A lot of option creates chaos and in that chaos, we miss out a few options. When you go to buy a laptop or mobile in a store, they try to sell the product in which they benefit the most. Many companies are launching their smartphones online. We understand your need for a laptop or…

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Career Counseling

Many times our parents force us to take up a field because they are not aware of any other field. Other times, we take up a field because our friends are taking up that field. Born and brought up in India, we are aware only of three fields viz. engineer, doctor, CA. We guide you…

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